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Meridian Diagnostics & Medical Determination provides VA and disability consultative examinations throughout Indiana.

Meridian Medical Services, Inc. is a women business enterprise, with over ten years of experience providing consultative medical examinations and ancillary healthcare services across the state of Indiana.  

Meridian Diagnostics & Medical Determination is the leading provider of consultative examinations for the Indiana State Department of Disability and Social Security (SSD).  We became the “gold standard” in 2009, when we disrupted the system, by applying voice recognition technology, resulting in a 95% reduction in physician report turnaround times. 


Our consistent, excellent, performance allowed the state of Indiana to reduce report turnaround time requirements, ultimately reducing claimant wait times.  Since then, we have performed over 100,000 SSD examinations.  In addition, we provide consultative examination services to disabled veterans through multiple subcontracting vendors.

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We pride ourselves in our rapid, accurate, and adequate report turnaround time.

Contact us - we are happy to answer any questions you may have about your appointment.

Meridian is proud of it's first class staff of physicians, medical assistants and technologists - ready to serve you!

Meridian Medical Services

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